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Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass® Freezable Pipes

Diamond Glass® Freezable Pipes

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Diamond Glass® Freezable Pipes

What's better than sparking up a fat bowl after a long day at the office?
We don't know either.
But, sparking a bowl using an ice-cold pipe would be nice.

These impressive glycerine-filled freeze pipes by Diamond Glass are freezable, providing an optionally cooler hit.
It is visually cool to see the glycerine slithering inside these awesome freeze pipes when they're unfrozen too.

Simply pop these bad boys in your freezer for a few hours and the glycerine will solidify inside.
The result is an ice-frozen glass pipe.
Not only will it cool your smoke down for frosty hits, but resins can also be easily scraped off when frozen.

These freezable glass pipes also feature a unique flat mouthpiece that offers maximum airflow.
They're also affordable for their function and are made from thick borosilicate glass.
These icy pipes by Diamond Glass are an excellent choice whether you're looking for an awesome gift, or want a cool smoking device.

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  • Length: 5" Inches
  • Width: 1.75" - 2" Inches
  • Bowl Width: 0.75" Inches
  • Glass: Borosilicate

What's Included:

  • 1 Diamond Glass® Freezable Pipe
  • 1 Diamond Glass Sticker Slap
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Richard T
Fake Website

Reviews are fake people save your money buying from these guys!!!

kieth s
stole my money


Aaron McMahan
Really great pipes.

Unfortunately it only stays frozen for about 20-25 minutes. But it's well made, and the flat slot mouthpiece is a nicer aspect than I thought it would be. It's nice to smoke without that dry burn. I would recommend these pipes to anyone that considers themselves a fan of pipes, it'll change your game. I would also recommend dab and water pipe users give it a try, it's a nice change up.

Amy Roach
Wrong color. Cool pipe.

My favorite pipe. They sent the wrong color though. I tried to contact them with no response, so customer service could use some work.. At least the pipe is cool as sh##.

Robert Thompson
Very smokable.

Love this pipe. It’s my second one but you never send the color I order. Smh